The Six Foot Tiger Team
Submitting new content for the site

We want to add you to our site!

The key to a great website is content.

Our website gets a lot of traffic from racers all over the world, but we're mostly focused on racing in the Northeast Region of the US, specifically the NJ/PA/NY/DE area. If you have a racetrack or race program within that region, we want to feature your track/program on our site! We can post your racing schedule, pictures of your track, and contact info on our very well trafficked site. All we need is... well... the info!

IMPORTANT: All material must be your own (including all graphics and pictures) and must not infringe on anyone else's copyrights. We also must insist that we have editorial license to edit for brevity, content and grammar/spelling issues.

If you'd like to contribute content to the site, please email the information to See below for submission requirements.
  • Include contact information for your track. Email is good, email AND phone is better.
  • Include address. If possible, include directions from most major highways.
  • Include a couple of track pictures, if available. Please "zip" the collection of files into a zip archive, if you can. If the pictures are already posted online elsewhere, you may simply provide us with a link to the posted photos.
  • Include a list of all classes that you run at your track. Include descriptions of any limitations (i.e.: 10 turn limit on mod, Rules as per ROAR, etc.)
  • Include a URL (link) for your track's website if you have one.
  • Include any additional info (facilities, on-site hobby shop, proximity to several restaurants, etc.) that our visitors will deem important.
Thanks for your interest! Submission of materials does not guarantee their inclusion on the site.